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SDF forces make new gains north of Raqqa as ISIS retreats: spokeswoman

Local | 2017-02-08 18:15:22
SDF forces make new gains north of Raqqa as ISIS retreats: spokeswoman
 (Zaman Al wasl)- US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on Wednesday took three villages from ISIS north of Raqqa city, spokeswoman told Zaman al-Wasl.

Jihan Ahmed, spokeswoman of the operation room of Euphrates Wrath said  that their forces at the axis of Makman have reached to the village of Abo Wahel, 26 km to the North-Eastern of Raqqa, mentioning that clashes were still ongoing till the time of the announcement.

The spokeswoman added in her statement to Zaman al-Wasl that SDF has controlled villages of al-Wash, Abo Hussein and Ghazal, beside controlling to hills, 11 km away from northern of Raqqa, beside besieging the village of Mlihan, northern-East of Raqqa.

Ahmed confirmed that US-led alliance warplanes are actively participating and cooperating with them in the operation , as the airstrikes have the most important effect in the battle against the Islamic State.

Euphrates anger’s spokeswoman mentioned that they controlled 35 km within 4 days including Abo Natola, Tarsahn, Hajan, Ghazal, Abo Hussein, Abo Tali, Eid Ali, Shweit, Khan Dal and Lbidan, added to farms of Mohammed Dhaher and Sekhneh.
In regard to the Western countryside of Raqqa, the operation room of SDF reported that heavy clashes against the Islamic State have started after attacking villages of Swediyah, Hamarin and Widyan norther East of Euphrates dam by the Islamic State.

Activists reported that the Islamic State has controlled villages of Sweidiyah Kabirah Western of Euphrates river, while no confident news about controlling the village of Mezliyah in the North Eastern countryside of Raqqa by SDF’s militias amid airstrikes of US-led alliance.

The operation room of Euphrates Wrath has Saturday announce the beginning of the 3rd stage of the "Raqqa's Isolation" operation to control the North Eastern countryside under support of airstrikes of US-led alliance.

On November 6 2016, SDF announced launching a military operation called “Euphrates Anger” against the Islamic State in the city of Raqqa and countryside backed by US-led alliance warplane

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