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No criteria for ranks, salaries of Turkey-trained local police in Azaz town

Local | 2017-05-03 13:49:38
No criteria for ranks, salaries of Turkey-trained local police in Azaz town

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The number of the Turkish-trained local police in the border town of Azaz has reached 1600 members who work to maintain security and halt abuses.

A source who spoke to Zaman Al Wasl on condition of anonymity, said: “there are many police stations controlled by the directorate of police and National Public Security in the city of Azaz, the most important are Azaz police centre and prison, drugs centre, criminal police centre, traffic police, Sajo police centre, the centre of security and safety, the directorate protection, barriers, special forces and Logistic forces”.

The speaker explained that the National Police has dissolved the former liberated police forces and replaced it, with significant increase in the count and logistic support and providing ta brief training resulted in graduating 1600 members.

In regard to Hierarchical structure, the source revealed that lack of highly ranked officers, the newness of the police system and lack of criteria, some civil people were appointed and given high ranks basing on their experience in security affairs, while in the same time, an assistant defected from regime's police forces can be seen doing a job of a policeman.

In regard to salaries, the source detailed that salaries start at 600 Turkish lira which is the salary of policeman, then the higher the rank, the higher the salaries, reaching to 800 Turkish Lira. He mentioned that some problem cause annoyance to some, like paying the same salary to a new policeman and an old defected assistant in the police forces.
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