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    Russian soldiers fight along regime forces in Latakia province: activists

    | 2016-04-28 13:49:48
    Russian soldiers fight along regime forces in Latakia province: activists

    (Zaman Al Wasl)- Pro-regime Facebook group published on Thursday news of Russian soldiers fighting along the regime in recent combats in Kurds and Turkmen mountains in Latakia province.

    Media activists and military leaders in Latakia countryside documented Russian officers leading most regime combats in the area two years via wiretapping their wireless communication calls.

    Although media activists mentioned Russian soldiers’ involvement in the combats, but they could not document it.

    Rijal al-Qima Brigade on their Facebook page announced Russian soldiers’ involvements in the battles to regain lost territory in the two strategic Turkmen and Kurds mountains. The page published news of Russians providing air coverage in the recent combats and published photos of the brigade exhibiting Russian soldiers photos.

    -Russia partial withdrawal is mere game-

    Leader in First Coastal Group Abu Fatima confirmed that Russians will not stop military field involvement beside regime forces to protect Assad.

    “Russian officers were leading regime battles against his own population in countryside of Latakia from operation rooms and warships anchored on al-Basit shore.

    However, their involvement was not sufficient to advance in the field which led the Russians to involve elite soldiers to achieve advancement in the field. Also, another factor which led to Russian soldiers’ involvement is the extreme shortage in regime forces ranks and failure of regime paramilitary groups due to lack of experience and training,” Abu Fatima added.

    The leader in the coastal group sees that Russia’s objective is to extend regime control in Latakia province which the world falsely considers pro-regime.

    -Canton west of Asi River-

    The Russian field involvement confirms the Russian declared partial military withdrawal is only a media game. Continuous air raids on Kurds mountain and other Syrian regions especially Aleppo confirms that.

    Military and political analyst, Tarek Haj Bakri sees the Russian presence in the Syrian coast manifested in military bases in Tartous and Hemeymim and Navy leadership is to protect regime from falling.

    At the same time, it points out to the fact Russia is not certain it can keep Assad authority in Damascus so it is implementing plan B which is to establish an Alwaite canton west of Ornotes River, or Asi revier. It is not out of love for Assad, but to protect its interest in Mediterranean waters.

    Media outlets reported in the past two days’ arrival of new batches of Russian troops and military equipment at Syrian ports. Russia plan B is another indicator Russia lost hope in Assad.

    (Reporting by Abdul Salam Haj Bakri; Translation by Rana Abdul)

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