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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Idlib: 5 people killed in regime airstrikes on Maaret Nu'man

    | 2016-12-11 15:35:08
    Idlib: 5 people killed in regime airstrikes on Maaret Nu'man

    (Zaman Al Wasl)-The Russian and regime warplanes on Sunday extended its aerial bombing on the rebel-held province of Idlib, killing five people in the town of Maaret al-Nu’man and wounding several others in the southern countryside.

    Idlib Media Center explained that the warplanes launched several aerial strikes on Sunday morning bombing the main covered market in Maaret al-Nu’man town which resulted in killing five people and injuries dozens others.

    The airplanes bombed the town of Hass in the southern countryside, and the city of Saraqib in the south eastern countryside. The attack on Saraqib killed a woman and injured several people in the city’s main market. Regime helicopters launched explosive barrels on the village of al-Kindah in Idlib countryside.

    In a related context, the media office of the Civil Defense in Idlib province launched a report about the team’s operations during the past weeks. The report said 61 locations across the province were targeted in 171 bombing operations perpetrated by the regime warplanes, regime helicopters, regime artillery, and Russian warplanes.

    The report documented that seven massacres against civilians were committed in Idlib, Maaret al-Misrin, Sarmin, Kafr Nabl, Maaret Nu’man, Kafrsajna, al-Tamanah.

    The Civil Defense teams worked to rescue and save over 239 injured and removed the bodies of 136 persons from under rubble. Four volunteers with the Civil Defense were injured during the attempt to rescue civilians after twin attacks targeted the same place. The Civil Defense center in Kafr Nabl was targeted by the warplanes leading to its destruction and going out of service.

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