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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Garbage piles in Marret Hormeh town as rebels control rubbish dump

    | 2017-03-18 13:14:52
    Garbage piles in Marret Hormeh town as rebels control rubbish dump

    IDLIB (Eqtsad)- Garbage has become a real health problem in the village of Ma'rret Hormeh in Southern countryside of Idlib, despite the effort being given, but the problem still bigger than expected.

    Ma'rret Hormeh is a small village, about 13 km to the southwest of Ma'rret Noman, almost at the route between Idlib southern countryside and Hama Northern countryside.

    The main reason for the garbage crisis in the village is difficulties in transporting it outside the village to a landfill.

    Due to big amount of garbage that stayed for long time, bad smell spread due to that, added to spread of many diseases, one of them Leishmania as the flies responsible for transmitting the infections have increased, according to Abdul-Minem Ismael, the media official on the council of Maaret Hormeh.

    Ismael added that inability to cover the cost of the operation to remove the garbage in the main reason, as salaries for workers, fuel and maintenance cost are the responsibility of the council, which already has not paid workers’ salaries for 2 months.

    The other reason is that the landfill is far from the village, about 15 km, and it passed through many barriers, which many times prevented the garbage truck from passing through, and in the end, it allowed them to pass only once a week for security concerns.

    To sort the problem out, people started moving garbage to uncontrolled landfill around the village, away from their houses, but that still not enough.

    The cleaning operation was supported by an initiative called “Tamkin”, but the has stopped since last October due to termination of the project. The council according to Ismael has contacted many organisations, but none of them agreed to adopt any initiative to help in getting rid of garbage .

    The council has tried another way to find fund to cover cost of removing garbage by forcing fees on residents, but people were already in shortage of money and the amount of collected money was not enough.

    “We have shortage of 300,000 Syrian pound for workers salaries, and 200,000 for fuel and maintenance monthly”, the official detailed.

    Islmael detailed that the problem might be sorted out by buying a land near the village and dig it to become a landfill for the town without affecting the nearby lands, added to finding sponsors for the cleaning project to cover workers salaries and garbage containers. (Reporting by Mohamed Kassah)

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