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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Nomair al-Basha, Syrian Businessman, tortured to death over charity work

    | 2017-04-21 13:22:20
    Nomair al-Basha, Syrian Businessman, tortured to death over charity work

    By Faris Rifai

    (Zaman Al Wasl)- Nomair al-Basha, a businessman from Yabrud town northwest of Damascus was tortured to death by Syrian Intelligence over providing aid to displaced people in his hometown in the first year of revolution.

    Al-Basha was born in January 3, 1960 of a Syrian father and an Argentinean mother, he lived in Yabrud all his life till he left to Libya in 1980 then to United Arab Emirates to build his own business in interior and external decoration and design , but when the revolution had erupted, he returned to Syria to participate and support it as much as he was able.

    Al-Basha’s wife explained that on March 8, 2012, the Syrian army invaded Yabrud, where dozens of soldiers and security members entered their house and searched every inch in it and demanded Nomair’s passport and demanded a big amount of money, then they arrested his and took him to unknown detention centre.

    “When I tried to ask the officer who ordered arresting Nomair about the reason for arresting him, he told me that we are all terrorists and deserve death. Moreover, they seized took Nomair’s car”, Nomair’s wife detailed.

    After arresting him, his wife Wihad Yahya was not able to see him or know his detention centre. She tired to contact prominent figures like Deeb Zayton who was responsible for the detainees file, but he was not able to tell her about her husband place of detention, and explained to her that his accusation was “supporting and financing the terrorist group.

    The wife explained that Zaytoon refused to do anything to free her Nomair, and kept giving her false promises.

    Al-Basha’s wife added that she contacted George Haswani, the Billionaire and Gas tycoon and one of Assad’s supporters to enable her to visit her husband, but he kept lying at her, while he managed to provide most of people who were arrested with her husband a visit permit.

    When Nomair al-Basha became ill, his wife visited him in Damascus Hospital, know as “al-Mojtahid” when she was was shocked from the status he reached to.
    He weighed almost 30 kg, while he was about 97 kg before arrest. His left arm was swollen due to infection, his head was full of infected wounds, his body had lots of burns scars and infected wounds, he had pneumonia and renal failure. He suffered of blood in urine and stool due to renal and intestinal bleeding.

    She knew that he had been detained in al-Khatib intelligence branch when he had been arrested, then traferred to Saidnaya prison where he was put in a cell with 5 prisoners from Deir Ezzor. He was subject to hard and severe torture, then was put in a singular for two weeks without food or drink, and when his health deteriorated, he was transferred to the hospital, but al-haswani tried to complement them, he requested referring Nomair high standard hospital of al-Shami, where he rested in peace and died.

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