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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Idlib witnesses a construction 'boom'

    | 2017-07-12 15:50:22
    Idlib witnesses a construction 'boom'

    (Eqtsad)- The liberated areas in the north of Syria is witnessing a relative calm after the “de-escalation of tension” agreement which resulted in Idlib city’s streets and markets and its countryside witnesses relatively active commercial movement.

    This situation was reflected in the construction and urbanization as many people in Idlib decided to rehabilitation of their homes and commercial shops.

    Abdo, 32, a resident of Sarmin in Idlib countryside, started building a new floor for his house. He said to Eqtsad, “I live with my parents and my family and the house has become too small for us, and thank God I collected a sum and I can build a room and its extras.”

    “The quiet due to the [lack of] bombing helped us to get started, but the price hike might hinder me,” Abdo added.

    With the increase in demand for building materials, the markets witnessed a rise in prices. Within one week, the price of a cement bag increased from 1400 to 1900 Syrian Pounds, according to Abu Mohammed who trades in building materials. The prices of other materials such as ceramics and paint also rose.

    “The cement bag has become like a stock market, its price now stands at 1,700 Syrian Pounds,” said Abu Mohammed.

    Speaking to Eqtsad he added, “The price of a kilo of iron is 270 [Syrian] Pounds, while the price of a single cake is between 80-100 [Syrian] Pounds according to its type.”

    -New buildings-

    The construction boom is not limited to repairing what the regime airplanes destroyed but extended to building new properties. 

    Abu Imad, an old construction contractor from the city of Saraqib said, “I did not stop working in the previous years, but [work] was relatively weak.” He continued, “I am still contracted to construct buildings in different towns and villages, and the work increased after the ceasefire.” 

    “The period extends until I sell the apartments and houses [I build] but they are sold with time. Generally, the construction boom is good,” he added. 

    According to Abu Imad, building a meter squared costs 16,800 Syrian Pounds in the case of a normal building. If the building includes supports, a foundations and columns, the cost per meter squared increases to 24,000 Syrian Pounds.

    It is worth mentioning that most of the building materials, such as iron and cement, come through Turkey, and they are purchased using hard currency. People in Idlib are forced to import the building materials as the province lacks the necessary laboratories and raw materials. (Reporting by Shams el-Din Matoun)

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