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    Lebanon: MP demands investigation in Syrian refugees deaths

    | 2017-07-13 16:09:14
    Lebanon: MP demands investigation in Syrian refugees deaths

    (Zaman Al Wasl)- “Her blood equals that of your father al-Hariri,” said the Khalid al-Dhaher, a member of parliament for Akar, directing his comments at the prime minister Saad al-Hariri during a speech al-Dhaher gave in his house in Tripoli on Wednesday. 

    In a rebellious move, al-Dhaher spoke out in solidarity with the victims of the Lebanese forces offensive on al-Nour camp in Arsal on June 30, 2017. He demanded the Lebanese Minister of Defense apologize to the family of the Syrian child Najat al-Bik who was killed during the offensive. Al-Dhaher said that Najat was not killed due to her father blowing himself up, as was claimed by the army, but due to the Lebanese Army forces ramming an armored vehicle into the wall of her family’s tent which resulted in the wall falling on Najat and killing her. 

    In his statement, al-Dhaher said that he spoke to Najat’s parents and her father is still alive. He continued discussing the issue of those refugees who were detained by the army and died while in detention. Al-Dhaher said, “There are three bodies in Zahle hospital, and bodies in the Beirut University Hospital which have not yet been subjected to an autopsy other than the four who were buried without being seen by a forensic doctor.” 

    The Lebanese parliamentarian demanded an investigation be conducted in the Lebanese prisons to know the extent of harm the detainees have suffered and the number of victims in a bid to uncover the attempt to cover up the truth of this crime. 

    Directing his speech to the Minister of Defense, he said “You are responsible for the child who died and the victims to fell after their detention. You take responsibility for the lying too, because no one detonated himself not with the soldiers nor with his family. It is a stage to exonerate the crime which was committed against innocent people, women and children in the camps and to terrify them at dawn. You should resign from your post because you are not protecting Lebanon’s sovereignty nor preserving it.” 

    Al-Dhaher demanded that all leaders in Lebanon prevent Lebanon from falling under Iranian hegemony in an indication to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

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