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    Islam Army denies kidnap accusations of prominent activist near Damascus

    Zaman Alwasl- Special | 2013-12-12 00:00:00
    Islam Army denies kidnap accusations of prominent activist near Damascus
    Islam Army spokesman, captain Islam Alloush

    Islam Army, key rebel group, denied the accusations of kidnapping the prominent activist Razan Zaitouneh from the rebel-held Douma Tuesday.

    Opposition Coalition member, Rima Flaihan, in a letter submitted to the coalition members has accused Islam Army leader of kidnapping Zaitouneh , according Zaman Alwasl source.

    Islam Army spokesman, captain Islam Alloush, denounced to Zaman Alwasl  Flaihan's claims that Zaharn Alloush, Islam Army Leader had threatened Zaitouneh.

    ‘’I was in daily touch with Razan; I know she is kidnapped by them despite their denial,’’ Flaihan said in her message to main opposition group in Syria.

    The prominent Syrian human rights lawyer who went into hiding for her widely publicized work on atrocities committed by Bashar al-Assad's forces, has been kidnapped in a rebel-held city near Damascus, activists said on Tuesday.

    It was not clear who had taken the 36-year-old lawyer and members of her team who work to document human rights violations, according to the opposition-run Local Council for Douma, a town near Damascus where she lives that has been bombarded by Assad's forces, Reuters said.

    The council condemned "this treacherous and cowardly act, which resembles the work of the regime".

    The Local Coordination Committee, a countrywide network of opposition activists, said Zaitouneh had been abducted with her husband, Wael Hamada, and two colleagues, Samira Al Khalil and Nazem Al Hamadi.

    One activist, who asked to remain anonymous as the topic is sensitive, said that some opposition activists and rebels in Douma had criticized Zaitouneh. (With Rueters)


    Rima Flaihan: Islam Army leader kidnapped Razan Zaitouneh

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