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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Families of regime army deaths complain lack of merits

    | 2017-09-11 21:27:10
    Families of regime army deaths complain lack of merits

    (Eqtsad)- Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the Syrian regime has been implicated as in calling killed soldiers and intelligence personnel martyrs, thinking that the crisis is short-term and thus the total of those who will be killed will not be large and that they can serve their loved ones.

    However, with the development of the events and the increase in the death toll of the regime, the fact that all these people are considered martyrs has become a major burden on the state budget, especially since those who receive a martyr's card receive multiple privileges, including permanent salaries and exemptions on many services. 

    In addition to this, the regime has added a new burden by promising to secure jobs for the families of those who have been killed in a step to secure support from soldiers and intelligence personnel.

    Here was the problem. The regime restored to a businessmen to help him in sticking to its promises, nut the result was not satisfactory. Most of the businessmen refused to be forced to employ the families of the dead, and they only provided in-kind assistance and mass rallies, which were of great benefit to them. 

    This is why the regime resorted to another method, which is not to give a martyr card to each of his soldiers and loyalists especially the so-called national defense, the regime thugs established in the loyal areas, the ordinary population. In addition, the standards to give the card became strict and the regime would only grant it to those who were killed on the fronts while Those who are killed by a stray bullet or shell whose source is unknown, the regime will delay his family and put obstacles in front of them so as not to give their dead a martyr card.

    A well-informed source indicated to Eqtsad, who asked not to be identified, said that corruption became the master of the situation in this matter. Whoever dies from the National Defense and whose close relatives are in power is given the card of a martyr. Since many elements of the intelligence services were killed in the hands of each other, and for reasons related to spoils and the distribution of thefts, yet some of them get the card of a martyr.

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