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    Opposition Head contacts Saudis from own Email, seeks a deal

    | 2017-09-12 12:21:57
    Opposition Head contacts Saudis from own Email, seeks a deal

     (Zaman Al Wasl)- Well-informed sources in the National Coalition said Riad Saif, the head of the key Syrian opposition group, has been contacting Saudi officials from his own email over the Syrian peace process, viloationg the procedures set by the political body.

    Saif addressed Adel Mardad, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia on August 27 over planned Riyadh conference as the Saudis public announced change inter policies that harmonise with Russia and Assad, sources said.

    The sources explained that the political body discussed the vision of the coalition on the conference Riyadh 2 and did not decide the outcome of these consultations while Riad Saif sent a summary of the discussion with some amendments to the Saudi Foreign Ministry without the knowledge and approval of the political body.

    In the details, Saif tried to expedite the dispatch of this paper in order to form a committee to prepare for the Riyadh Conference in order to compete with the High Committee for Negotiations, which in turn formed a preparatory committee.

    A senior figure in the High Committee for Negotiations - preferred not to mention its name - that the work of the head of the coalition to bypass the political body and a conflict in roles with the Preparatory Committee of the High Committee for Negotiation reflects the dispersion of opposition to the host state, and reflects the state of conflict in the coalition with the High Committee for Negotiations.

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