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    Established by Fathi Ibrahim Bayoud 2005 - Homs

    Russia presses on rebels in northern Homs to join Sochi congress

    Zaman A Wasl | 2018-01-10 09:08:01
    Russia presses on rebels in northern Homs to join Sochi congress

    (Zaman Al Wasl)- Negotiation committee in the opposition-held countryside of Hama and Homs provinces said Russians are pressing on rebel factions to participate in the Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi at the end of January.

    Bassam Sawah, spokesman for the local negotiation committee, said Hmeimim, the main Russian air base in Syria, had informed the committee that the de-escalation zone agreement will end at the mid of February. Such message reveals new rounds of deadly airstrikes on the besieged northern countryside of Homs and the southern countryside of Hama, according to Sawah.

    The spokesman assured that Russia is using the de-escalation zone agreement as a pressure tool after almost 6 months of reviving life aspects in Homs despite some violations.

    On Tuesday, 2 children killed and dozen more wounded in regime artillery on northern Homs countryside, local reporter said.

    The artillery bombardment targeted the town of Kafrlaha, the largest town in al-Hola region, an array opposition-held villages and towns.

    Northern Homs is the third de-escalation zone agreed by Iran, Turkey and Russia in Astana last August.

    Turkey summoned the ambassadors of Russia and Iran to complain about what it said was regime forces' violation of the borders of the Idlib de-escalation zone, Turkish foreign ministry sources said Tuesday.

    Turkey asked the envoys to urge the Syrian government in Damascus to end the border violations, the sources said.

    Russia and Iran strongly support Bashar Assad's regime, while Turkey backs some of the groups opposed to him.

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