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Zahran Alloush in another show off in Istanbul

Zahran Alloush, Islam Army's commander, has appeared for the second time in Istanbul in two weeks as he was attending Islamic Dialogue Forum on Wednesday.

The head of main rebel group in Eastern Ghouta suburbs near Damascus, has raised the ire of his rivals from both sides, regime and opposition.

Pro-Bashar al-Assad social media pages has mocked the regime, asking how he (Allouch) reached Turkey as most of Eastern Ghouta suburbs live under severe siege.

The forum has brought together 40 Syrian Islamic and political figures such like Muaz al-Khatib, former head of National Coalition.

Allouch and in an exclusive interview with al-Souria Net this week said the major decision-making power in Syria is now in the hands of Iran, explaining that the recent assassination of senior regime officers was carried out on orders from Tehran.

Alloush also claims that the Army of Islam and other factions have developed an extensive plan to deal with the post-Assad stage.

On the ground, his armed group, Jaysh al-Islam, has tightened the noose on 39 Brigade after three days of fierce fighting, taking control 3 checkpoints, on Wednesday.

Islam Army's spokesman, Islam Allouh, told Zaman al-Wasl that powerful air defense base is now under rebels' sight after taking control of neighboring towns as Tal Kurdi, Housh al-Khayyat and Maida'a and surrounding checkpoints.

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