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Islam Army fighters expel ISIS from hill in eastern Qalamoun

Jaysh al-Islam announced on Tuesday an offensive on ISIS in the eastern Qalamoun region, seeking to open a supply route that links to the Syrian north, according to statement posted online.

Activists said that fighters of Jaish al-Islam, or Islam Army, have seized control of al-Afaei mountain that located near the Syrian desert after expelling ISIS fighters who control most of Badiyat al-Sham territory.

Islam Army said its elite fighters, who operate under the 5th Brigade, are carrying out the battle against radical Islamist group.

Meanwhile, Southern Front fighters captured a major base from the Syrian army in the south of the country on Tuesday, rebels and a monitoring group said, a setback for Bashar al-Assad reflecting the mounting pressure on him after recent losses elsewhere, Reuters reported.

"We announce the liberation of Liwa 52," Issam al-Rayyes, spokesman for the "Southern Front" alliance of rebel groups, told Reuters. Liwa 52, or the 52nd Brigade, is one of the biggest Syrian army bases in the area.

The southern region near the border with Jordan and Israel is one of the areas where insurgents have inflicted significant defeats on Assad in the last three months, notably by capturing the Nasib border crossing with Jordan on April 1.

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