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Syrian rebels seize parts of Daraa city: South Storm

Syrians rebels, in video statement issued Thursday, said the International Road links between the southern city of Daraa and Damascus is a military zone, warning civilians from getting close.

Activists said rebels have seized parts of the city, storming the headquarters of air and military intelligence, such a progress came hours after the beginning of new offensive called it the 'South Storm' to eliminate the presence of Syrian regime forces and allied militias in Daraa.

A rebel source said the battle is backed by 40 suicide bombers who are ready to hit regime military bases.

Rebels in Syrian south have inflicted significant defeats on Bashar al-Assad in the last three months, notably by capturing the Nasib border crossing with Jordan on April 1.

A motivational video posted online by the operations room of 'South Storm', shows rebels' practices, weapons and readiness for the battle.

Southern region, including Daraa, is of strategic importance due to its proximity to Damascus and neighboring states Israel and Jordan. It is also the last significant foothold of mainstream rebels, who have mostly been crushed elsewhere in Syria by government forces or jihadist groups, according to AP.

More than 230,000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government demonstrations that were met with a regime crackdown.

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