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Qalamoun: Hafir Alfoka rebels handed weapons to regime Army

Local | 2015-08-13 00:00:00
Qalamoun: Hafir Alfoka rebels handed weapons to regime Army

(Reporting by Soufian Jbawi; Translation by Yusra Ahmed)

Tens of rebels in Hafir Alfoka town in the western region of Qalamoun have handed themselves to the Syrian regime as large part of them have joined paramilitary defense forces. a move came to escape the severe siege and warning of destroying the embattled town, local activists said.

Rebels said the move is a setback for insurgency in the mountainous area near Damascus and may pave the road for a similar scenario in other areas of Qalamoun.

The Syrian regime has imposed severe siege over the truce towns and demanded handing all wanted rebels to join its forces, to release the siege and allow food in. the regime threatened of shelling the town and invading it, which forced people to abide by the regime demands and pressurized the rebels to leave the town fearing of regime’s threats.

In relevant content, activist Hazim al-Qalamouni told Zaman al-Wasl that 1200 people from Hafir Alfoka had had their situation sorted out, 200 of them were from the Syrian Free Army, defected from the regime or rejected the mandatory service. They would join the regime forces, brigade 165, the third squad, Seen and Dumair military airport to be rehabilitated while others would join the National Defense Forces.

Al-Qalamouni mentioned that 35 rebels refused to hand themselves 30 of them were able to escape to Qalamoun mountain and other 5 stayed in the town and no one knows what happened to them.

The activist reported that regime gathered all joining people in camps in the town of Moadamiyeh Qalamoun to train them and distribute them over the army and militias.
The reconciliation committee has played essential role in convincing rebels to hand themselves to the regime and leave the town, to join the national defence forces instead, and they accompanied them to the security intelligence to sort out their situation, beside that they incited people in the town against rebels claiming that they were the reason for siege.

Moreover, the reconciliation committee with support from the national defense forces bought the arms from the rebels and handed it to NDF.

Many observers feared of repeating the scenario of Hafir Alfoka, especially many towns in Qalamoun like (Altal, Qudsaya, Hameh, Madaya and Moadameyeh Alsham) are on-Truce and under severe siege for more than a month, as the regime tries to impose the policy of fait accompli by siege and shelling and threatening of military invasion besides inciting the public against the rebels and accuse them to be the cause of people’s suffering.

Al-Qalamouni warned that if the regime succeed in his plan, that will provide the regime with thousands of fighters, who were the past’s enemies. He added that Altal only has 10 thousands wanted people and if they became in regime’s side, the revolution in the Western Qalamoun would end, especially most towns are on-truce except some mountainous area and Zabadani where rebels have been fighting the regime for 40 days.
Zaman Al Wasl
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