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Assad's chemical attacks kill 871 children at least: NGO says


 At least 1300 people were killed, 871 children, 10,000 wounded in A nerve gas Attacks by Assad forces on western and eastern Ghouta, Violation documentation Center in Syria reported.

 A detailed and precise report by the VDC that covers what exactly happened on last Wednesday dawn ,21st August 2013, when the regime had committed another horrific crime against civilians leaving hundreds death and casualties in an area that had been already bombarded by the regime forces on daily basis, and that had been besieged for long months, which made it impossible to provide the simplest needs of life for hundreds of thousands of the residents.

 The regime's army bombed several villages and towns in Damascus Eastern and Western Gotas with dozens of rockets loaded with chemicals. This attack has been the severest since the regime began using chemical weapons against rebellious regions. the irony is that this attack, the severest of its kind, happened concurrently with the presence of the experts committee assigned to disclose the use of chemicals in Damascus, following their arrival to Syria on 8/18/2013, taking into consideration that the authorization granted for the Commission is confined to areas agreed upon with the same regime that is carrying on attacks with chemical weapons. Thus, this committee does not live up to the task of proving the use of chemical weapons, but only to that of whether that weapon has been used or not.


In details: each of Zamalka and Ein Tarma in Eastern Gota and Mou'adamieh in Western Gota were bombed with dozens of rockets loaded with toxic agents, which claimed the lives of hundreds, mostly women and children. Moreover, hundreds sustained injury. those areas woke up to an indescribable humanitarian disaster concerning, especially, the huge number of cases that sought the medical points that have been under siege ,suffering the lack of both the medical staffs and the most basic equipment needed to face similar situations.

 Immediately, the field team of VDC in Syria that exists in the East Gota, visited- directly after the attacks- more than 80% of the Medical points that received the injured and the victims in East Gota to get testimonies of patients and paramedics, as well as some of the sites that had been bombed with chemicals, to find out the truth of what happened and to provide clear and precise information about the attack and its victims

Zaman Alwasl
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