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Syrian migrants who lost everything have no reason to comeback ever

Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wals- EQTSAD)- The Syrian families have divided and spread over the cities of the country, or in different countries, some parents have not seen their children for more than 5 years, and many children have not been able to see their families and parents for years.

The Syrian families in many areas were forced to sell their houses which spend all their lives' saving to build, in order to escape and protect who left of their children, especially after losing a member of the family under torture or by sniper’s shot.

Abo Mohammed, a-60-year old man and his with three sons and a daughter, had illegally arrived to France few days ago, and the effects of the past five years still clear on their faces, especially the father who looked far older than being in his 60s.

He arrived in Marseille in southern France, he was wandering not knowing where to go and what to do, but his luck put him in touch with a Lebanese man, who help him and directed him what to do.

“I lost my 23 year old son under torture, he was arrested twice, and became ill after the second time, to die after a month, I was afraid and worried about the rest of my children, so I decided to escape at any cost”, Abo Mohammed Said.

He continued explaining that he needed to offer his house for sale, and it was worth more than $ 100 thousand, but because I was in hurry, and forced to sell it to an Iranian buyer for only $ 20 thousand.

Abo Mohammed summarizes his story in few words, and expressed his unwillingness to go into more detail because he did not want people to feel sorry and pity for him, as he has now arrived to safety and wanted to cut all connection and memories of those painful last five years in Syria.

Abo Dhiyaa, a Syrian man said that when the revolution started he was in France where he lived and works for more than ten years, and he used to visit his family in Syria every year, but because he had participated in the Syrian revolution since its early days, he did not visit his family fearing of arrest, especially someone of regime’s intelligence took him a picture during a sit-in, in front of the regime’s Embassy in Paris.

Abo Dhiyaa added: “I did not wanted to bring my family to live with me in France from the beginning, a hoped that the regime must fall, however Year after year, my circumstances have changed and I needed to move to another country to seek asylum, and now I am here and i have not seen my children for 5 years and I find difficulties in reunion procedures”.

Abo Ibrahim is another story of showing the suffering of Syrian families. He stayed in Syria with his wife, but he preferred send his two sons to Germany more that a year ago to protect them from arrest or death, especially after losing their home and everything they own.
"Sometimes I feel like I will not see them again in my life, but at the same time I feel relieved because I saved them from death."

Abo Ibrahim believed that separation and distance from children is the minimal pain for many as long as they are safe and happy, and there is a hope to see them again, despite it is difficult. He could not hide his pain from staying in a empty house alone, as he hoped to live with his children and see his grandchildren.

It became normal to listen to Syrians say that they have not seen their older siblings for three or four years, or even to say that they do not know anything about their brothers or where they are now. But these stories are not compared to ones of mothers lost their infants or children get lost from their parents.

Abo Alaa who managed to seek asylum in Germany two years ago, he used to live in Daraa, while his brother’s family lived in Aleppo at the time, however after long time of disruption an lack of communication, he knew that his brother moved to Jableh, but still was not able to communicate with him, till he found his niece who lived in Turkey with her husband, on the facebook by chance after 4 years disconnection, and ask her about his brother, he thought that they all had died by explosive barrels.

In regard to effects of the recent disruption and disperse of the Syrians families on the future of the Syrian community, Dr. Ismael al-Omari, Former Professor in the Syrian Universities and now a Professor in the University of Omdurman in Sudan, explained that the dispersion of Syrian families, both those who left their houses and lived in camps, or others who managed to reach to reach to Western countries, will have a lot of negative effects later on the Syrian family structure if these families decided to return back to Syria. He added that the most important reflects is the different cultures children and families exposed to, which will increase the difficulties in communication within the same society.

About the cases of separation within the same family, sees that will negatively affect the relations and bonds within the family besides weakening and changing of many social concepts and relations those base on Islam’s rules and social custom. “no wonder if we face a generation ruthless people who do not care about the concepts of the traditional customs” he added.

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