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Qamishli: Asayish accuses regime-backed NDF of New Year explosion

Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The high command of powerful Kurdish Asayish militia said Monday that regime-backed National defense Forces had planned for explosions hit Christian neighborhoods  in the northeastern city of Qamishli city in the New Year Eve.

The leadership of Asayish,
key unit of the Democratic Union Party (PYD),  revealed via a statement on Monday: “relying on special sources and after investigations we found out that National Defense Forces were involved in the two explosions happened in Wasta neighborhood in Qamishli city on 30-12-2015, and Yesterday’s explosion.”

On Jan. 7, the two leaders of Asyish expressed  their suspicion that NDF who planned for the New Year’s explosion, and warned of more violent acts will happen in the city aiming to cleanse it from other militias.

On January 12, members of Asayish attacked the Christian neighborhood of Wasta and demolished the cement barriers, then clashed between them and Sotoro militias took place and resulted in killing a member of Sotoro, and many members of both sides were injured. After two weeks tension started to climb up incited by religious and tribal prominent figures and officers have connection with the Syrian regime.

The Assyrian Democratic organization has condemned the explosion and confirmed: “that was another new attack targeting of the Assyrian Syriac is part of systematic attacks against Christians in the area in general, and against Assytrian Syriac in particular in order to threaten them and force them to leave.”

The organisation added that who planned them aims to disturb the civil peace in the area of the Al-Jazira, and tear the community according to  ethnical and religious backgrounds, it insisted on the need for peaceful solution in Syria.

The Assyrian Syriac organization held legal and ethical responsibility to all security and military powers in the area for these explosions, and called the international community and the United nations to be up to their responsibility to protect a genuine component of the area, by pressuring the regime’s authorities and other forces to allow international supervisors and members of the international court for Syria to look at the conditions of the Assyrian Syriac in al-Jazira area and report facts to suitable bodies beside determining the responsible for all those acts and crimes against them.

An explosion happened Monday night in an internet cafe in Wasta neighborhood of Christian community in Qamishli city, it resulted in killing 3 and injuring dozens, beside causing huge destruction in buildings around.

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