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PYD leader is key ally of Assad: documents

Local | 2016-01-29 11:40:02
PYD leader is key ally of Assad: documents
Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)-As Syrian peace talks is due to start in Geneva on Friday, wide voices have opposed inviting Saleh Muslim, one of the leaders of the Kurdish PYD militia, to the planned talks saying he is a Syrian regime ally and never been an opponent.

Muslim, who joined the opposition through the Coordination Body fo Democratic Change, which is known of its vague undetermined attitude of regime. It found later that PYD's military wing, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was cooperating with the regime to secure the oil wells northeastern Syria.

PYD has committed war crimes against Arabs in the Kurdish -dominated areas, international reports revealed.

The report of the Syrian Network of Human Right on January18 onfirmed that the Self-Management and the Democratic Union Party had killed 407 civilians, among them 51 child and 43 woman.

The report revealed that PYD has committed 3 massacres can be described as racial cleansing in villages of Aghibish, Hajiyah, Tal-Khalil, and Tal Brak.

Zaman al-Wasl have obtained 6 documents leaked from the archive of the Syrian Oil Company, revealing that the Syrian regime admitted via official documents its recognition of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), moreover, documents shows the cooperation between both of them to protect many oil wells in Northeast Syria, which points out the fact that Saleh Muslim and his party cooperate with regime and have real partnership.
Most documents go back to 2013, but some show that since the end of 2012, the Syrian regime had recognized the YPG.

Eqtsad clealry published names of the oil wells which are situated in 6 sites: Kratshook, Sweidat, Saeeda, Zarya, Alyan and Babasi, all of them part of Rmilan’s oil wells, the richest area of oil in Syria, used to produce 90 thousand barrels a day, a quarter of all oil production of Syria, before the revolution Rmilan described by the leaked document as of “Kurdish Majority”

One of the leaked document showed that representative of YPG, Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim, has suggested to the Syrian company of oil to protect the oil wells in 6 sites in Rmilan by an agreement of mutual consent, and requested exemption of paying the final insurance known when contracting with an official body in Syria.

Another document showed that YPG representative's request was forwarded to the Director of the oil Company in Damascus within two days, which is unusual for the a country like Syria known of bureaucracy and red tape.
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