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35 Frenchmen joined ISIS in 2013-2014: leaked ISIS data base

(Zaman Al Wasl- Exclusive)- At least 35 French jihadists joined Islamic State between 2013 and 2014, 14 of them were Arabs, Turks, Afghan and Senegalese, according to the leaked ISIS data base that obtained by Zaman al-Wasl last December and published on January 20.

The personal data of 1736 ISIS fighters from over 40 countries has included their backgrounds, nationalities and hometown addresses and even names of those who sponsored and recruited them.

Abu Osama al-Feranci, who has Turkish roots, was the youngest French jihadist joined ISIS at age 17, while the average age of his fellow Frenchmen was between twenties and thirties.

Their jobs varied between bus driver, waiter, salesman, sport trainer as well their education ranged from primary school to graduate degree.

The document that branded by ISIS as confidential is shedding the light on the inner circle of the de facto a state which has its own institutions and official documents as well data bank.

Two thirds of ISIS manpower were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. 25% of ISIS fighters are Saudis, the data disclosed.

 While Turkish fighters are taking the lead among ISIS foreign fighters, French fighters come next.

According to Zaman al-Wasl’s documents, the fighters entered areas under IS control in 2013.

Zaman has also posted 122 documents of fighters from around the world who they wanted to carry out suicide attacks.

To download suicide bombers list Here

The documents have been written and organized by the General Diretorate of Borders, an ISIS commission that tracks all Jihadists data.

"This is a huge data base — there are more than something like 22,000 names, so this is very, very important," said Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck, a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center, told AP.

She said the files would "definitely" help international security services, including those in Arab countries, to confirm the identities of those who have already left to fight for Islamic State, to discover the identities of new fighters, and to help them in identifying those who return home from Syria and Iraq.

As of last month, the U.S. estimates IS had 19,000 to 25,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, down from an estimated 20,000 to 31,500 fighters — a number that was based on intelligence reports from May to August 2014.

To view the documents click  Here

The data document is including 23 questions, starting with the Jihadist's first name, last name, code name, date of birth and nationality. The jihadist who cross the Islamic State's borders for the first time is ought to acknowledge the Borders Administration everything about himself, even what he wants to be in ISIS, a fighter or a suicide bomber.

The document gives the jihadists who want to join ISIS the choice of profession, what does he want to be: a suicide bomber, a martyr, a fighter, or an administrative worker. And many of the people who join the Islamic State as administrative workers have degrees in engineering, computers and many strong majors.

The documents it posted had the word "secret" at the bottom, while on the top it had the name "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant," or ISIL, on one top corner and the "General Directorate of Borders" on the other. 

(Writing by Ethar Abdul Haq; Editing by Mohamed Hamdan)

On January 20, Zaman Al Wasl published a brief over the personal data of ISIS fighters.

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