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Neither we, nor Syrian people friends accept federal system: Head of National Coalition

Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Anas al-Abdah, head of the Syrian National Coalition, has confirmed the Coalitions’ position from announcing the federal system in northern Syria by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) saying that SNC is with the administrative decentralization but not with federal system"

"Al-Abdah replied to Zaman Al Wasl questions about the position of SNC and other friends toward the voices calling for federal system following a forum in Gaziantep, Monday night, in which he confirmed: "We do not believe that federal system is the appropriate for Syria, however, within the coalition there is an essential component called Kurdish National Council which believes that the Federal Union is appropriate for Syria and its diversity and within this, they practice their right, but in general, it is part of the coalition, and its decision is with the administrative decentralization.”

The President of the Coalition confirmed that the coalition is against any party or component monopolizes the a decision about the shape and nature of the country, as it is an exclusive decision to Syrian people. He detailed that the form of the country cannot be taken when the country is in a war or in a revolutionary status, pointing out that the matter is subject to a referendum of the Syrian people, and their decision would be binding after that, “we are against federal system declaration .
In regard to the opinion and position of "Friends of the Syrian people" toward Federal system, al-Abdah pointed out: “all the friends of the Syrian people are against the federal declaration in Northern Syria, especially America, adding that the only country that supported a federation in Syria is Russia”.

The President of the Coalition insisted on three negotiable constants in regard to Russian-US agreement about Syria: the unity of Syria and its people, no place for Bashar al-Assad and his surrounding circle in future Syria, a fair civil diverse democratic political regime.

About the talks in Geneva,al-Abdah confirmed that Geneva negotiations are a political battle similar to military battles, as all strategies and maneuvers should be used to achieve victory, although they do not wait a lot of positive outcomes form the negotiation, but they do not have the right withdraw from talks and boycotting Geneva talks is not politically clever act.

Michel Kilo, Head of the "Union of Syrian democrats", who joined al-Abdah the forum talked about the Russian withdrawal from Syria: “After four months, Vladimir Putin said we had a large force in Syria achieved what we wanted to achieve, it has changed the balance of power in favour of the regime as we need smaller forces to maintain the cease-fire, and withdraw the surplus forces because the cost for them is too high and reach $ 60 million”

Kilo explained that the Russian forces’ mission in Syria was maintaining the cease-fire and keeping the balance of power in favor of the regime, which push the political process and pressurise the opposition to accept the Russian vision for a political solution.

"kilo" expressed his surprise toward some calls from the opposition to Russia and requesting it to pressurise the regime to accept a political solution.
The Russian air strikes in Syria started in the last day of September, 2015, claiming to target the Islamic State stronghold in Raqqa and Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front, but concerns were built up when the strikes attacked rebel groups opposed to Syrian regime, in an attempt to support their long-term ally Bashar al-Assad and help him to stay.

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