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Facebook and Twitter facilitated ISIS recruits moving to Syria: leaked data

#ISIS Leaks | 2016-04-01 13:56:47
Facebook and Twitter facilitated ISIS recruits moving to Syria: leaked data
  • ‘Abu Latifa’’ and ‘’Abu Anwar’’ spent thousands of miles to join ISIS using Twitter.
  • “The blue bird” connected ISIS with planes’ security in Saudi Ministry of Interior
  • “Abu Hamza” who has a master in political science was recommended by “twitter”
  • ISIS use of modern communication platforms helped it to survive and expand
  • ISIS documents indicates the huge investment of the organization of social media platforms specifically Facebook and Twitter.

Writing by Ethar Abdul Haq

(Zaman Al Wasl- Exclusive)- ISIS and its supporters use of social media is not a secret, but ISIS documents confirm the use of social media and some of the aspects of its investments in these platforms. These platforms help the organization survive and expand; the slogan ISIS supporters and sympathizers use.

Zaman al-Wasl extracted a significant number of notes written in ISIS documents which it extensively investigated. In particular, notes related to ISIS dependence on “Twitter” and “Facebook” use to recruit members and connect with them in addition to giving oral or written recommendation to facilitate acceptance of individuals in the organization.

It is almost certain the organization would not have expanded was not it for social media platforms; the fastest, most spread and free platforms. More importantly, the platforms are less dangerous when it comes to tracking and infiltration since endless virtual accounts for one person can be made.


In one of the documents obtained by Zaman al-Wasl, ISIS new joiner “Abu al-Abbas al-Janubi” gets a recommendation from “Abu Waqqas al-Tunsi” via Twitter. The employee in ISIS borders administration writes this piece of information in the document. This indicates that recommendation done this way is accepted and may be official adopted in the organization.

“Twitter” has a significant role in “Abu Qudasa al-Dusi” joining the organization where “Turki al-Binaali” (one prominent leaders in ISIS) recommends “al-Dusi”. Moreover, from thousands of miles away from Syria, “Abu Latifa al-Kambudi” comes from the United States to join ISIS using a recommendation from “Abu Dujaneh” whom he got to know via “Twitter”.

Twitter seems to be very vital for a computer engineer such as “Abu Latifa” who lives in a country where intelligence tightens its control over social media and communications.

“Abu Latifa” is not the only one who came from great distances, there is also “Abu Anwar al-Australi” (19) who joined from Sydney. “Abu Anwar” might have appealed to Twitter and he found a listener and someone to encourage him to join the organization. More significantly, he found “Abu Al-Muthna” and “Tayym Allah al-Sumali” to give him recommendation to join ISIS.

“Abu Hamza”, originally from Sri Lanka and resident in Tanzania, holds a master in political science. He informs the employee filling in the documents in the organization that he asked someone via “Twitter” about the ways to join the organization and he got contact numbers which facilitated his coming to ISIS. “Abu Hamza” comes from India to Syria to join the state. When he was asked if he has a recommendation, he mentions three persons on “Twitter” and a fourth person who gave him a personal recommendation.

The first among snipers

“Abu Daud al-Britani” (21) originally from Pakistan and resident in Birmingham, UK is no exception. It is likely he did not find better than “Twitter” to secure joining ISIS and obtaining a recommendation from “Ali al-Farsi” to facilitate joining the organization.

 Abu Daud who joined ISIS via “Twitter” shows a tendency to English language teaching and working in media in the organization.

 “Abu Hamza” facilitated Another Pakistani (called Mohamed al-Malhma al-Thania) joining ISIS by giving him contact numbers in his residency in England.

Once again, “Twitter” succeeds in giving accessibility to ISIS to recruit individuals all over the world. It was a mean to recruit “Abu Naser al-Jarzawi”. Abu Naser who introduces himself as a worker “in planes’ security, a subdivision of ministry of interior”.

He confirmed having exceptional skills which made him “the first sniper among 900 soldiers” from Saudi security soldiers. “Abu Naser” said he got contact numbers from an active twitter account named “Bakiya”.

“Shamel Abu Musa” from Saudi Arabia leaves two addresses of twitter accounts and says he prefers contacts with in emergencies. The two accounts were documented in the field “contact address”. New joiners often fill this field with contact numbers of their family in case of emergencies.

For instance, “Abu Naser al-Makki” fills the field with a private Skype account for his wife and another one in Twitter which Zaman al-Wasl confirmed to exist.

“Twitter” seems to be the favorite website for ISIS men and sympathizer. Facebook takes a second place. For instance, “Abu Ameer al-Kirimli” an Azeri coming from Crimea. He says he was able to join ISIS via “Facebook” and “Contactive” by a message containing numbers for those willing to join the organization. Abu Ameer contacted the persons and came to Syria through Istanbul where he stayed in the streets for two days.

Closing Accounts

“Twitter” website announced two months ago closing more than 125 thousand accounts in the middle of 2015 on the basis the accounts “contained threats and promoting terrorist actions”. Twitter clarified the closing campaign mainly targeted accounts promoting Islamic State.

Twitter in an official statement condemned “exploiting Twitter to promote terrorism”. The statement adds that Twitter expanded teams in charge of tracking tweets to secure a speedy counter of tweets contrary to website policy.

Twitter says number of users extends beyond half million around the world. Many world capitals including Washington encourages social media websites to impose tight procedures to limit online activities which promote violence. American congressmen have previously proposed a law to compel social media websites including Twitter and Facebook of informing of any terrorist activities in the comments, tweets and publication of its users.


More to follow in Zaman al-Wasl's exclusive series of ‘infiltrating the core’ of the Islamic State's personal data. 

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