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Regime forces coordinate with Kurdish militias for Raqqa battle

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syrian regime forces are holding meetings in Hasaka city in conjunction with the recent military campaign against Islamic State in northern countryside of Raqqa entering the sixth day, a well-informed source said.

The source told Zaman al-Wasl that Peoples’ Union Party (PYD)-led SDF and regime forces held meetings to coordinate the fate of Raqqa city after recapturing it from Isis. The source pointed out they did not agree on a certian deal in Raqqa yet because the regime proposed handing the Raqqa countryside file to PYD and its allies in SDF. In turn, the regime will control Raqqa city, but the Kurdish leaderships demand running the city as they run Tal Abyad.

The source did not mention any information related to presence of American or Russian officers to these meetings since both the Americans and Russians have bases in Hasaka.

The meetings came in conjunction with statements by official SDF spokesperson Talal Silou to Sham F.M radio station close to Assad regime. He said, “ we refuse the statements saying Raqqa will join the Federal union as well as the statements disclaiming the previous statements. The focus now is on liberating Raqq and later we will negotiate with the regime the destiny of Raqqa. The Raqqa population should make that decision.”

Silou added that SDF made a proposition to the Global Coalition to counter Isis to include Moscow in the military operation in the area and the proposition is being discussed.

İn the field, clashes between Isis and SDF continued in Tal al-Samen and al-Haysha villages. Hundreds of people from the villages fled because the villages turned into battle zones and PYD controls them. PYD forced people to go to Ayn al-Arab camp in Aleppo coutnryside of al-Mabrookeh camp in western countryside of Hasaka.

SDF alliance said in a statement on Saturday that clashes erupted between SDF and Isis south of al-Shaqraq village near Ayn Essa city adding that Global Coalition warplanes bombed Isis locations near al-Haysha town.

PYD-led SDF had announced 6 days ago of launch of a military campaign against Isis in northern countryside of Hasaka supported by Global Coalition air force starting from its locations in Ayn Essa and al-Shaqraq town.

The United States had formed PYD-led SDF alliance in October 2015 to counter Isis. The SDF alliance consists of Jaish al-Thuwar, 5 militias subordinate to PYD, and Aliwet al-Jazira, unknown faction where Arab fighters are recruited from recently captured areas south of Hasaka. (Translation by Rana Abdul)

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