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Israeli food aid reach Syrians in Quneitra: photos

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Activists released images on Wednesday of Israeli food baskets with Hebrew writing on them being distributed in Quneitra’s liberated countryside in the displaced persons camps close to the border with occupied Golan.
The released images evoked the anger of the Free Quneitra Provincial Council and they promise to hold traitors accountable.

Sources confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl that it is not the first time that aid of Israeli production was distributed on the displaced persons in Quneitra’s countryside south west of Syria. With the start of Ramadan this year, aid was brought in across the border with Jordan through aid organizations to be distributed on displaced persons silently and without informing the local council or the revolutionary military factions. The sources indicated that the internally displaced persons’ need for food products and their difficult economic situations forced them to take the aid to feed the children.

Zaman al-Wasl found that organizations bought the food baskets from the Jordanian market and it was distributed in the camps, “Jubta, al-Amal, al-Shahar, al-Rahma, and two camps in al-Hrish (close to Bariqa village)” and others in the areas of Khan Arnabah, Beer Ajam, Kwdana, Oum al-Namous, al-Rafid, the areas around Tell as Sha’ar, around al-Haret, and Nawa north west of the city of Deraa, and most of its population suffer a difficult humanitarian situation according to our sources. In turn the Free Provincial Council of Quneitra issued a statement promising those who brought in the Israeli aid that they will be held accountable.

The statement which Zaman al-Wasl acquired a copy of included the following, “the Free Provincial Council of Quneitra severely condemns the distribution of aid baskets coming from the enemy Israel and which traitorous agents are distributing on innocent civilians and which are clearly written on in Hebrew.” It added, “we will not remain silent about this act of cowardliness and we will present all those involved in this traitorous act to the courthouse.”

Activists confirmed that the courthouse in Hawran formed a committee to investigate the issue of the institutions that work in the aid sector and are distributing aid produced in Israel to displaced persons in Quneitra countryside during the first two days of the holy month of Ramadan this year.

The sources indicated that some of the members of the local council knew about the arrival of aid through Jordan from Israel and did not prevent it due to the civilian’s dire need for it given it has not yet expired. It must be indicated that some of the people criticized and did not accept taking one of the aid baskets because it is coming from an Israeli source and others accepted to take them because of their difficult economic situation.

The incident occurs simultaneously with the neglect of international humanitarian organizations to the situation of the area’s population and those in internally displaced camps in the areas of Quneitra’s countryside and Deraa’s western countryside. Translation by Rana Abdul

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