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17,000 people wanted for conscription in Latakia, regime launches arrest campaign

Local | 2016-07-01 05:33:26
17,000 people wanted for conscription in Latakia, regime launches arrest campaign
Translation by Yusra Ahmed

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian regime forces waged an arrest campaign tracking 17,000 people who escaped conscription in the coastal city of Latakia, amid severe shortage in manpower in the army, activists said.

Activist Abo Ahmed Lazqani reported to Zaman Al Wasl that the regime forces have arrested hundreds of young men under 42 years old from streets and their work places and mosques, besides raiding houses to recruit them in the mandatory military service, even they did not leave the disabled and ill men.

The search engine published by Zaman Al Wasl earlier showed that 17135 men are wanted for military service in the city of Latakia.


Half million Syrians required by court for conscription, reservist service: List

The activist confirmed that most men have disappeared and only children, women and men over 42 years old are seen in the city. He confirmed that the arrest campaign included areas like Ramel, Skantory, Bostan al-Samkeh, Bostan Hmaimi, Masbah al-Shaab, Sidawi, Salayba, Yemen roundabout, Ashrafiyah, Qnainas.

Lazqani mentioned that the regime forces have established barriers along Bor-Saeed street and Yemen roundabout as well as the mentioned neighbourhoods, where arrested men are taken to the military security branch, and when they become too many, they are taken to Nabek of al-Braij to be distributed over the military bases and fronts.

The activist mentioned that arresting campaign has been intensified in the Holy month of Ramadan as the regime forces arrested young men when they were leaving the mosques mainly after Tarawih prayer.

Abo Ahmed Lazqani accused the regime’s forces of leaving thousands of young men wanted for the military service in pro-regime areas and they do not put any barriers in these neighbourhoods, moreover, that arrest campaign has not had enough media coverage, either by the revolutionary media or other international news agencies.
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