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Iran sends more troops to Aleppo: sources

Local | 2016-07-12 11:05:38
Iran sends more troops to Aleppo: sources
Reporting by Okab Malek

(Zaman al-Wasl)- Well-informed sources reported Iran sent more land troops via military transport and civil aircraft to Syria during the past few days especially on Eid days.

Sources revealed arrival of 3 to 5 Boeing aircraft. Each has a capacity of transporting more than 300 fighters as well as Hercules with capacity of carrying 100 fighters.

Sources confirmed the aircraft arrived at night to Damascus International Airport and they would unload their passenger of Iranian military personnel in the airport square to get on military buses to transport them to Iranian-controlled military areas.

The sources added the biggest area is situated near Jidaidat al-Shibani in addition to a big camp north of Damascus airport where Syrian military personnel cannot enter.

According to the sources, most of the arrivals on the Iranian aircraft were wearing military uniform which means they are part of the Iranian military and not from the militias. Previously, it was noted the militia fighters would arrive in civil outfit and they were trained in Syria to fight in special military barracks.

The sources confirmed Iran increased troops in Syria because Iran decided to occupy Aleppo no matter what the cost is pointing out that Iran transported and mobilized big number of troops for a major land operation that might have started in north of Aleppo to cut Castello Road leading to the opposition-controlled areas in Aleppo.

Identical information confirms that the majority of fighters in Syrian regime ranks are Iranian militants. Opposition activists broadcasted many photos and footage showing Afghan, Pakistani, Iranian, and Iraqi soldiers from the militias employed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards especially on Aleppo fronts which witness heavy battles on Castello, the only road connecting Aleppo city to liberated regions. (Translation by Rana Abdul)
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