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Wadi Barada, last chapter of water war in Damascus

Reporting by Naser Ali

(Eqtsad)- Water crisis has returned recently between the Syrian regime and the opposition in an attempt to create a new balance in Wadi Barada village northwest of Damascus.

The water war started when regime forces controlled the village of Harira, seeking to control areas of water springs in Basima and Efra, therefore, controlling Fijah water that would become closer, stripping the opposition of “water card” that pressurising the regime with to release detainees and alleviate siege.

According to an activist, Damascus city receives water from 3 main springs and many wells, Fijah, Barada and Deir al-Ashayer field.

The Syrian regime has deprived people in Wadi Barada of water forcing them to use wells for drinking and watering their farms. Moreover, the regime’s militias controlled water at the top of the Wadi, captured lands and depriving almost half of the Damascus city of water.

The Syrian revolution return water's control to people of Wadi Barada, who have used it to pressurise the regime to release siege over the city and let food and other goods to enter.

the latest event came as a response to regime and its militias’ attempts to reach to water springs, as they control the village of Harira, forcing the opposition to cut the water supply to the city of Damascus especially areas of regime’s supporters like the 86 neighbourhood.

The regime tried to advance aiming to reach to springs, and started shelling villages of Wadi Barada and Zabadani and Madaya, however, in the end, the regime stopped its attack to fix the water line.

the regime started arresting people of Wadi Barada and besieging the area and preventing food, goods, fuel and humanitarian aid from entering villages of the Wadi besides sniping civilians.

Therefore, the game of besieging and pressurising areas controlled by the opposition is being repeated in the area of Wadi Barada due to lack of international support and coordination with the opposition forces.

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