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Meningitis plague takes toll on Besieged Madaya

(Zaman al-Wasl)- Medical committee in Madaya and Biqin towns announced the two areas plagued with Meningitis.

Doctor Mohamed al-Yousef, Director of the medical body in both towns, announced the news via a recording sent to Zaman al-Wasl.

Al-Yousef said, “announcing Madaya plagued with Meningitis was due to Yaman Izz al-Din whole family getting infected by it as well as the infection of a medical staff in contact with the patients. Also, it was due to appearances of new cases on daily basis.”

Meanwhile, a private source told Zaman al-Wasl there are 18 infected cases with Meningitis in Madaya mostly women and children, clarifying the medical office in the town decided to put them in quarantine fearing more spread of the disease.

Madaya suffers a suffocating blockade imposed mainly by Hezbollah mercenaries who surrounded the town with checkpoints and mines to prevent leak of any medical or food aid to thousands of besieged populations. This resulted in a great deterioration for the humanitarian situation in the town and spread of death and disease due to malnutrition and lack of medical services there.

Madaya blockade entered the 14 months while 40000 residents still await international aid entrance which seem more like painkillers since the aid does not live up to stop the suffering of the hungry and injured, according to local source.

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