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Syria regime empties Qamishli Airport from warplanes following American threats

Reporting by Okab Malek

(Zaman Al Wasl) - Zaman al-Wasl learnt that the regime air force command ordered the return of military airplanes stationed in al-Qamishli airport to their bases after it lost the meaning of its presence in the airport located in the far north east of Syria. 

The source from inside the air forces subordinate to the al-Assad regime suggested that the decision is due to “serious threats” made by the United States to shot down any regime aircrafts flying over the Kurdish controlled areas in al-Hasakah province, and where American military persons are present as experts and consultants. 

And in tandem with the American threats to shot down those regime aircrafts, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units militia threatened to attack al-Qamishli airport in the event any airplanes take off from it to hit any target in the Syrian Democratic Forces controlled areas. 

The source confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl that the order for fighter jets subordinate to the regime to return from al-Qamishli airport has been executed in the past week after coordinating with the American and Kurdish sides and after taking permission for the fighter jets based in al-Qamishli airport to take off for fear they might be shot down by American airplanes upon their take off. 

The regime has four fighter jets in al-Qamishli airport from the type MIG 21 which returned to Deir ez Zor military airport in addition to 2 Sukhoi 22M3 fighter jets which retuned to al-Dameer military airport. 

The same source indicated that armed American fighter jets accompanied the regime airplanes following their take off from al-Qamishli airport confirming that the (American) airplanes approached the regime airplanes at close distance to confirm they are unarmed and then continued accompanying them until the edges of Deir ez Zor.

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