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Syria's Intellectuals rally against Russia and U.S. Intervention: statement

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian writers, artists, and journalists condemned the American-Russian intervention in their country in tandem with the ceasefire agreed on by both sides on Syrian territory which began on the eve of the first day of Eid al-Adha. 

They introduced themselves as intellectuals “democrats and secularists, in opposition to the al-Assad’s tyrannical regime for many years or decades, and participants in the struggle for democracy and justice in our country, our region, and the world.”

In a statement signed by around 160 of them, they said, “we wish to express our condemnation in the most sever of terms of the proximity of the two intervening powers in Syria, the United States and Russia in our Syrian affair and their work since 2013 at least to register Syrians liberation struggle as (a war against terror). There is not one successful story in their records but in the record there is the story of the destruction of a number of countries.”

The statement considered, “this world which has allowed the destruction of one of the oldest cradles of civilization over the past five years must change. And that the world today is a Syrian issue as the Syrian issue is an international issue.”

It also said, “for the world, for us all, we call for the denunciation of those politicians, defaming them as nihilistic killers and terrorists like their enemies the nihilist Islamists.”

The statement mentioned the American Russian role in the chemical deal following the massacre committed by al-Assad in the two parts of al-Ghouta, saying, “three years ago two imperial countries signed a shameful chemical deal with solved the United States, Israel and Russia’s problems, and solved the al-Assad state’s problems after it had just killed 1466 of its doomed people.

The intellectuals continued in their statement, “the deal did not treat any of the problems pertaining to the Syrian people. It gave the tyrannical criminal hand leeway to kill Syrians, destroy their country, neighborhoods and evict them. Beyond that it was a priceless gift for nihilistic Islamic organizations such as Daesh (Islamic State) and al-Nusra Front.

 Three years after that despicable deal, the murder of around half a million Syrians, Russians and Americans agree to freeze the current situation for the two war powers to resume a war that does not end against terror.”

The statement criticized, “the neglect of the fate of a limitless number of detainees being held under brutal conditions, no call to end the siege on besieged areas, without mentioning the Hezbollah militia and the other sectarian militias fighting alongside the al-Assads, and not connecting the ceasefire to an imagining of a new democratic Syria. Rather it might be plausible for Bashar al-Assad’s plans to participate in bombing areas the Americans and Russians agree upon later on.”

The statement saw, “the world today is moving towards unprecedented weak morality that raises the levels of fear and hatred, and raises with it the political stocks of those investing in fear, hatred, and isolation.”

Declaration of Innocence and Scream
Regarding the Syrian intellectuals’ statement, the writer Ahmad Omar said, “my motive to sign it was desperation,” adding, “I saw the names of the two biggest terror organizations America and Russia, so I hastened to sign with notes I made on the statement as I do not agree with it fully.”

He clarified in a statement to Zaman al-Wasl, “we have returned to the squares of Khaled al-Aboud, but they are international squares. We hastened to sign the statement and publish it in the newspaper as if we do not have a Free Syrian Army or the National Coalition, as if the country is empty of all politics, as if we are suicide killers and the intelligence apparatus will arrest us for the statement.”

The author described the statement mockingly, “it is a statement, ink on paper, a declaration of innocence, and even for this declaration intellectuals who were not informed blamed us for not informing them, because the world is a small village, it has moukhtar (village leaders) Abu Shahab al-Kenyi and Abu Ali al-Putini, the world is a small village, hh, the world is a ghetto, the world does not see all these daily massacres but perhaps it will see a statement signed by intellectuals, among them francophone intellectuals, and intellectuals with higher ranks who names are published by foreign newspapers, selected with the filter that cleans nicotine and tar.”

From his side the journalist Ali al-Ayd considered the Syrian intellectuals’ statement, “is another scream from the weakest link in terms of influence in the Syrian fight that Russia and America are now participating in managing and prolonging its life.”

He added to Zaman al-Wasl, “despite the hope of seeing an immediate influence for the statement is non-existent, as what happened to similar previous statements, I signed my name on the statement as a journalist believing that Syrians’ battle against the regime in Damascus will be long. The same way their battle against those who stole the revolution from Syrians is long. And from the first door that battle with Washington is now own, and now with Moscow, as these two cunning countries have sponsored the al-Assad regime and gotten him out of the chemical dilemma in 2013, and they now arrange the political cards to keep the regime afloat, two strikes on display in all international conventions, even after proving the use of chemical weapons more than once after the chemical massacre in al-Ghouta.”

Al-Ayd considered that, “it is true the intellectual is less in number than the politician or military member, especially in a short period of time, but the hope of Syria to come is without doubt and there will be intellectuals in its generations. From here comes the conviction of most of those who signed the statement, they signed it without illusion that the statement will upturn the political reality and the war between a day and a night.”

He continued, “to begin with, intellectuals are aware that bringing down the regime is nothing but a small step in the road to Syria of the future, followed by continuous revolutions in the context of Syrian society, civil revolutions which intellectuals and technicians play a principle role in to return consideration to laws, justice, culture, and education as the most important words in rebuilding.”

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