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12 army officers who regime claims they killed in U.S. strike died year ago

Writing by Ethar Abdulhaq

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Syrian regime and all media reported that the US-led alliance's warplane has hit a camp for soldiers and officers of the National Syrian Army by mistake in Jabal Tharda in Deir-Ezzor.

However, I took the regime 4 days to provide names of victims and officers who were killed in the attack, in the end, it provided a list of 47 names included 12 officers and the rest were soldiers, claiming that they were killed in the attack.

The number is less than two third the number provided by Russia and USA at 62, and almost half of the number mentioned by the Syrian observatory at 90.

The list started with 12 officers, Zaman al-Wasl examined the names and discovered that many of them were killed more than a year ago. Here is the named in detail:

1- Major-General Pilot Sohail Ibrahim Emran, he is one of the names mentioned in the list of officers killed in the American attack, but the reality is that he died a year ago after crashing his plane in 2015. Although there was many stories about crashing his plane, some said it was crashed on its own, others claimed that ISIS that hit it, and a story mentioned that turkey defence air-forces hit it, but that does not change the fact that he was killed and was mourned in many regime-loyal facebook pages.

 Moreover, there is a Facebook account in his name was created in February 2016.

2- Major-General Yasin Abdo Maala, his name was inserted within the US-alliance air attack, but he was killed in May 2015 when he was the commander of Air Defense Brigade. His mourning notice was published In Summer 2015.

3- Colonel Talib Khair-Bik, third name in the list of officers who were killed this September, but he was killed in January 2015 and his funeral was published in February.

4- Colonel Ali Dandash Khair bik, he was mentioned as well as one of the American attack, but he was killed in Deir Ezzor in the beginning of 2015.

5- Colonel Gaith Mohammed Ismael, he was killed in the village of Meriaa near Deir Ezzor in 2015, not as mentioned in this September in Jabal Tharda by USA’s warplane.

6- Major Fadi Mahmood Shiha, he was mourned as a martyr killed in September 17, 2016, but the reality is that he killed in the beginning of January 2015. Moreover, he was mourned in February 14, 2015 by the Arabic Network for Human rights. The network listed names of victims, and Shiha was one of them.

7- captain Anas Mohammed Bakar, he was mourned in 2015 as he was killed in Deir Ezzor, not as mentioned few days ago as a victim of USA strike. The statement in which his name was mentioned included about 30 names of officers of different ranks, were killed in July 12 and 13, 2015.

8- Captain Bashar Rajouh Emran he was mourned in May 2015, as he was killed in Deir Ezzor.

9- Captain Adnan Emran, he was killed in Deir Ezzor, January 3, 2015, not as he recently has been mourned as a victim of USA attack in September 17, 2016.

10- First lieutenant Amjad Ali Mansoor, was killed in August 2015, but his name was inserted within the list of who were killed in the attack of September 17.

11- First lieutenant Zaher Haidar, he as mourned in May 2015, from the village of Zillo in Banyas.

12- First lieutenant Mohammed Faris Shahin, who has ben recently mourned as a victim of the American attack, but he was killed in Deir Ezzor 2014. Al-Baath newspaper wrote an article about him, in which it mentioned that he was from the village of al-Joziyah northern of Latakia.

The list of soldiers had many fake names as well for soldiers were killed years before, but they were mentioned as victims of USA attack. By a quick skimming, Zaman al-Wasl found that one of them Ihab Naser Roqaya and Mahmood al-Deek who were killed in Summer 2015, and Majd Mahmood Dawaba who was killed in 2014, that indicates the possibility for other fake names.

Zaman al-Wasl expected that reasons behind the fake names mentioned in the list, was due to the announcement of compensations by an American official for the families of victims.

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