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Syrian regime committed 203 violations in Eid truce: SNHR

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- A human rights organization has documented 242 violation for the Cessation of Hostility agreement brokered by Russia and USA, which was put in effect in the first day of Adha Eid, Monday, September 12, at 7:00 pm Syria’s time.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented 203 violation done by the Syrian regime out of documented 219, while Russian forces had 10 violations and the opposition had violated the agreement 6 times and the Kurdish self-Administration 5 times.
The report of the Syrian Network of Human Right mentioned that the statement of cessation of Hostility Truce has the reasons for violation for two main points: first is that the Russian government is a supervisor for hostility cessation with the USA, but Russia in the same time is one of the fighting forces and supports the Syrian regime, besides that Russia is involved in many crimes some reach to the level of war crimes against Syrian people , so the Russian forces need to withdraw its forces and stop supporting one side of the conflicting forces if it has the real will to play a role of mediator.

The second point is that if the Russian forces had violated the Truce and that was documented, what are the mechanism hold them the accountability for that, moreover, how the Syrian regime can be held responsibility for violating the Truce.

The report mentioned that there was no record of delivering any aid to neighbourhoods in Eastern Aleppo through Castello route, as it is one point of the truce, besides keeping siege over most of besieged areas and no single detainee was released.

Head of the Syrian Network for Human rights, Fadl Abdul-Ghani, said in the a statement that the Cessation of Hostility agreement had resulted in a significant drop in the number of victims and amount of destruction especially in the first two days of putting the agreement in effect, due to stopping the air strikes by Russian and Syrian force, because it is the main cause for killing and destruction.

“we always demanded that no-fly-zone in Syrian would result in dropping the death toll to more than 07%”, added.

The report demanded the American-Russian committee to investigate in these incidents as soon as possible and inform the Syrian people with results of investigations.

The report insisted that USA as a supervisor for implementing the Truce agreement, need to demand the Russia to pressurise the Syrian regime to stop violations and to lift siege imposed over many areas and to start delivering aid as soon as possible and free detainees.

The Network has insisted in its report that the international community need to link the truce with launching a political process to achieve a transitional stage leading to a democratic regime, which will lead to real end for Syrian people’s suffering.

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