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Aleppo: Regime kills 150 people in 24 hours, takes Handarat Camp

(Zaman Al Wasl)- At least 50 civilians were killed and tens wounded on Saturday morning during continuous aerial bombardment on the besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, medics said.

A medical source in the city proposed the number of dead will rise in the next hours as there are missing people and people stuck under the rubble.

Zaman al-Wasl reporter in Aleppo said the Russian airplanes and regime fighter planes and helicopters have not left the sky above the city since dawn on Friday. They continue their targeting of civilian residences and vital centers in the besieged areas.

Activists in the city recorded the number of raids targeting the city’s neighborhoods in the last 24 hours. The war planes launched 71 highly explosive missiles, 8 cluster bombs, and 6 missiles containing phosphoric substances.

The helicopters threw 12 explosive barrels above residential buildings which led to the death and injury of tens of people. The shelling targeted the neighborhoods of, “Bistan al-Qasir, al-Klasit, al-Sukhour, Ared al-Hamra, Baba al-Maqam, al-Salhen, Salah al-Din, and Tareeq al-Baba.”

The death toll of regime strikes in the past 24 hours reached 150, most of them women and children, medics said.

The source said the number of victims will increase in the following hours due to the continued bombing of civilian areas by the war planes and helicopters, and the number of missing persons and those stuck under the rubble who the Civil Defense rescue teams are working to evacuate.

The eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo are still besieged by the regime forces and the militias supporting it for over a month which has prevented the entry of humanitarian and medical aid, food products, and fuel to the city which warns of another humanitarian catastrophe befalling the residents of these neighborhoods who number 350 thousand people.

Hospitals, bakeries, water pumping centers depend on diesel to generate electricity to use as the regime has cut off electricity to areas outside of its control which means that all services will stop functioning shortly after the reserve fuel supply finishes.

Residents of rebel-held eastern Aleppo say it is being subjected to the most ferocious bombardment of the war.

Rebel officials said heavy air strikes on Saturday hit at least four areas of the opposition-held east, home to more than 250,000 people. Rebels say the strikes are mostly being carried out by Russian warplanes.

The attack has drawn on ordnance more destructive than anything previously used against the area and many buildings have been destroyed, residents say. Images of blast sites show craters several meters wide and deep.

"There are planes in the sky now," Ammar al Selmo, the head of Civil Defence in the opposition-held east, told Reuters from Aleppo on Saturday morning. "Our teams are responding but are not enough to cover this amount of catastrophe."

Meanwhile, regime forces seized the Handarat camp a few kilometres north of Aleppo.

The captured area, elevated ground overlooking one of the main roads into Aleppo, had been in rebel hands for years.

"Handarat has fallen," an official with one of the main Aleppo rebel groups told Reuters. An army statement confirming the advance said "large numbers of terrorists" had been killed.

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