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18-March Division’s commander killed in Daraa, no group claimed responsibility

Local | 2016-09-28 22:01:25
18-March Division’s commander killed in Daraa, no group claimed responsibility

Reporting by Ammmar al-Khasawneh

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- Leadership of 18-March Division has confirmed the death of its ground commander Hosam Abazid Wednesday afternoon as a result of severe head injury, while another commander Thabit Masalmeh had head injury and he is now in critical condition.

The leadership of the troupe explained that Abazid was killed in his 4-wheel-drive vehicle while Thabit Masalmeh was driving it in their way between granaries and the prison of Garaz in Eastern countryside of Daraa.

On the other hand, media had circulated the news, explaining that an explosive device was put in their way. However, a commander within the troupe confirmed that when they arrived to the scene, there was no evidence about assassination.

Other theory is that the vehicle was hit with an shell of machine-gun size 57, because the roof of the car indicates so, and the area where they were driving was open to regime’s military bases in the area.

Dr. Ziad al-Mahamid from the field hospital of martyr Kadhim Abazid confirmed in his talk to Zaman al-Wasl: “the commander died immediately due to severe injury of his head and the brain material was seen outside the head, moreover, the driver had a severe head injury as well and his condition is critical. Both victims had no injury in other parts of the body.

Al-Mahamid explained that he damage of the car does not support the theory of using a road-side explosive device as the body and the bottom of the car was not damaged.

Eye witnesses reported that they heard an explosion in the beginning, then shelling of machine gun size 57 from the regime sites was seen.

Despite the contradicting explanation of the incident, the fact of killing a new commander of the armed opposition still worrying, and the troupe of 18- March still investigating the matter, especially with the increasing number of assassination incidents against commanders.

Hosam Abazid, a commander worked with Nusra Front in its start in Daraa, then he defected and left the front to fight with Liwa Tawhid al-Janoub, then he joined Harakat al-Mothana that was accused of pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, which forced him to leave the movement and forming the troupe of 18-March and became its field commander.

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