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Activists reveal identity of fake Nusra commander interviewed by Todenhofer

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Activists are circulating images and information revealing the identity of the person whom the German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer presented as “a leader in al-Nusra.” Activists confirm that the person who Todenhofer introduced as Abu al-Ezz is actually one of the biggest regime thugs in Aleppo’s southern countryside. His real name is Ahmad Sheikh al-Daat and he is also known by the name Ahmad al-Ezo.

Activists demonstrated that the shabih who covered his face during the interview and claimed he is a leader in al-Nusra comes from the village of Haribl in Aleppo’s southern countryside.

Journalist Jurgen Todenhofer fabricates Nusra Front's interview

The interview was conducted in regime controlled southern Aleppo countryside in contrast to the German journalist’s claim that it was conducted in the heart of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham controlled areas. Throughout the interview Todenhofer and the supposed leader insisted on referring to Fateh al-Sham as al-Nusra.

Todenhofer is known to be the first journalist ever to obtain what is called “a guarantee of safety” from al-Baghdadi the leader of Islamic State which allowed him to reach and move around in the Caliph’s land without being subject to anyone.

Todenhofer’s access and experience contrasts radically with the way ISIS deals with journalists usually.

Jurgen Todenhoder, a former member in the German parliament as part of the Christian Democratic Union Party, is considered one of the journalists close to Bashar al-Assad and his inner circle. He is especially close to Shahrazad the daughter of Bashar al-Jaffari, the regime’s delegate in the United Nations.

In July 2012, Todenhofer conducted an interview with Bashar al-Assad. Leaked electronic emails from the regime’s archive that were published by Now newspaper in 2015, showed the warm relationship connecting Todenhofer to al-Jaffari. Todenhofer repeatedly congratulated Shahrazad on her supposed success in improving Bashar al-Assad’s image and praised the regime officials and Bashar saying, “he is doing very well” and he is “the only leader” able to provide “a stable, secure and modern democracy” in Syria.

Zaman al-Wasl was the first media outlet to publish a detailed report regarding Todenhofer’s interview with Abu al-Ezz the supposed al-Nursa leader. Zaman al-Wasl analyzed the interview revealing Abu al-Ezz’s fraudulent claims, the contradictions and naivety of his statements.

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