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Idlib: prominent commander Abu Ja'far al-Homsi died

Local | 2016-10-13 20:20:44
Idlib: prominent commander Abu Ja'far al-Homsi died

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Abo Jaafar al-Homsi, one of the most prominent commanders in Syria, lost his life on Thursday when he drowned in the border village of Darkoush in Idlib province, activists reported, saying the death happened in mysterious circumstances.

Activists mourned Abu Ja'far, the military commander of Liwa shohada al-Islam, that protected Daraya for more than 4 years and struggled against siege and hundreds of attacks and explosive barrels.

The commander left Daraya last August with hundreds of fighters as they were taken to Idlib after long unbearable siege in a small area.

Al-Homs was born from al-Hosn Castle town in the countryside of Homs, he with his brigade defended Daraya bravely and hard.

Today and before his death, he appeared in a video message was surfaced on the internet in which he promised to participate with other fighters and members of Liwa Shohada al-Islam who have special and advanced training, in any initiative or project aims to unite the opposition and fulfill Syrian people’s hopes.

Toward the end August, about Seven hundred armed men with their personal weapons left Daraya heading Idlib, while thousands of men and women with their families were taken to reception centres.

Daraya is located just 15 minutes drive from Damascus and is even closer to the government’s Mazzeh air base.

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