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Aleppo: Fateh al-Sham raids Islam Army's bastion in Kalaseh neighborhood

(Zaman Al Wasl)- An armed group, including nearly 50 personnel, on Sunday has stormed a military headquarters for Jaish al-Islam and Fayalq al-Sham in al-Kalaseh neighborhood of Aleppo and looted a number of vehicles, ammunition, weapons and arrested several military personnel including a leader, witnesses told Zaman al-Wasl.

The group included a number of Fateh al-Sham Front fighters in addition to personnel affiliated with Amara Battalions and they arrested leader Abu Abdo Sheikh al-Ashra with a number of his group and took them to unknown place.

This comes after Legal Committee in Aleppo released on Saturday leader of Fastaqim Kema Umert Mustafa Biru who surrendered himself to the committee following charges by Abu Amara Battalions of his involvement in assassination of their leader Muhana Jafaleh.

The committee mentioned in a statement released on Saturday that it decided to release Mustafa Biru known as Abu Qutaiba for lack of evidence and due to the situation in Aleppo.

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