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Regime urges rebel factions in Damascus suburbs to join NDF

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian regime’s negotiation representative offers rebel factions in in the southern Damascus suburbs to stay on condition of joining the National Defense Forces, or they must leave the area by 20th of December.

A well-informed source reported to Zaman al-Wasl that a meeting between Fadi Saqer, regime representative, and Sheikh Anas al-Taweel, representative of political committee and Babila town, added to Sheikh Abo Rabi, representative of Yalda town, and Sheikh Abo Abdo al-Hindi, representative of Bait-Saham, beside a representative of each fighting faction.

Fadi Saqer, according to the source presented a document of two choices, one was keeping factions in the three towns on condition to become members of regime’s National Defense Forces (NDF) and regime would fulfil the medical, military and relief needs in the area. The other choice was is case of rejecting the first choice, all factions would need to leave the area by 20th of December.

The political committee of southern Damascus had published a statement on Facebook confirming that negotiators has not reached to any agreement, the meeting was only discussion many issues about regime’s defected figures, non-enrolled in the military service, arms and the state of the neighbouring town of Sayyida Zaynab.

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