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Calls for demonstrations in front of Iran and Lebanon embassies in protest against intervention in Syria

 In protest against the Iranian intervention in Syria, number of Syrian activists call to organize large demonstrations in front of Iranian embassies in throughout the world.

The activists said in a statement that this call represents an important step to draw the public once again to the suffering of the Syrians and the daily shelling of the Assad regime and Hezbollah militia.

The announcement came after the killing of protester in front of the Iranian embassy in Lebanon yesterday by the Hezbollah militia.

The activists had confirmed earlier that they will determine a date to demonstrate in front of Iranian embassies in Arab and Islamic countries, where Iran is a key supporter of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and constantly supplied with weapons and tens of thousands of elements of the Revolutionary Guards.

Social media activists choose the next Tuesday for demonstrations in front of the embassy of Lebanon.

The activists denounced at the same time the Lebanese government loosening regarding  Hezbollah and stand idly on the role played against the Syrian revolution, pointing out that the Government of Lebanon, not doing their job in stopping terrorism practiced by the party and interfering in the internal affairs of Syria.

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