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Tawhid Brigade dismisses 6 battalions over shariah breaches

Local | 2013-10-30 00:00:00
Tawhid Brigade dismisses 6 battalions over shariah breaches
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Tawhid Brigade has dismissed 6 rebel battalions today over abuses of the Islamic Shariah and accusations of corruption and disobedience.

In a statement issued by the brigade general leadership and obtained by Zaman Alwasl, the reason behind the battalions expelling was the mounting breaches that have been committed recently.

In relevant context, al-Safwa battalion declared its defection from al-Tawhid, Zaman Alwasl source said the Islamic brigade respected the decision of al-Safwa, hoping it to get back to al-Tawhid.''

 Dr. Abdullah Salqini, expert in Syria's fighting factions said the defection is a response to the increasing complaints against al-Tawhid brigade over corruption and miss leadership besides abust the power especially in Aid matters.

The Tawhid Brigade was created in July 2012 through the merger of a disparate collection of militias from the Sunni Arab countryside surrounding Aleppo. Soon thereafter, the group led the charge into the city itself, but the rebels became bogged down during the autumn of 2012 after some initial victories. The Tawhid Brigade remains the dominant force in the Aleppo region, although it also has small affiliates elsewhere. It demands some form of Islamic governance, but says that religious minorities should be treated as equal citizens.



Zaman Alwasl
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