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Syrian judge says second marriage will reduce spinsterhood

(Zaman Al Wasl)- A statement issued by the first lawful judge in Damascus  encouraging second marriage to lessen the war losses and to reduce spinsterhood has sparked anger amid regime supporters on Tuesday.

Judge Mahmoud Marawi told state-run Tishreen Newspaper that second marriage is one of the proposed solutions to spinsterhood phenomenon and that war led to increase in female numbers rating 65% in relation to males.

Marawi talked about Syrian personal status and Sharia system facilitating second marriage and now, the judge is not required to check economic means to run two households.

Pro-regime activists who condemned the judge statement, said the support should be for the first family to overcome difficult living conditions before any talk about two families.”

The activists have also demanded the wealthy endowment ministry and traders to support Syrian families instead of such calls.

Some men who liked the proposition of second marriage launched a campaign called “Together in support of the legislative judge”. On the other hand, some women reacted with complaints and called for supporting families who lost their sons instead of proposing meaningless ideas.

Marawi confirmed that the proposition will be well-received by people, but he saw that second and third marriage will be facilitated by judiciary since it is the best solution to the spinsterhood.

A woman responded to the judge saying, “you can go marry Mr.judge”. The responses come after the spread of undeclared marriage and brothels in some provinces especially the ones controlled by regime militias and what is left of regime army under threat and accusation of treason. In some cases, women accepted emergency marriages fearing rape which was committed by these forces against women and populations.

It is noted that it is not the first time that Marawi’s statement spark controversy especially in relation to the women whose husbands were killed and some statements regarding adultery and civil marriage.

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