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Tunisia's 'Arab nationalists' fight with Assad in Syria: official

Reporting by Orwa al-Sousi

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Several Tunisian youth have been fighting along with the Syrian regime under the banner the Arab National Guards, the militia official said.

Basil Kharat, the political responsible of the “Arab National Guards” confessed that Tunisian young men fight with the Syria regime and other supporting militias in his talk to the Tunisian News Agency.

“Tunisian participation in defending Syrian plays a significant role in changing the bad images of Tunisian youth that they only fight with terrorist and confirm the support of Tunisian people to Syrians in their crisis”, Kharat explained.

Tunisian fighters's numbers within ISIS come second after Saudis according to
documents Zaman al-Wasl revealed in report about personal data of ISIS's fighters.
Kharat described the militias of the Arab National Guard as a secular volunteer militias operating in Syria, it adopts the Arab nationalist ideology, members come from a variety of Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria and Yemen. He confirmed that all support they receive come from the Syrian government.

The political responsible added that Arab National Guards fight by the Syrian regime and other allied militias in different areas of Syria, and more than 50 members were killed, the first one was the Egyptian fighter Abo Bakr al-Masri who was killed in Kalamoun battle.

In a relevant content, Arab National Guards mourned its commander Abdul Kader Jabili, in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo during the fight with the Syrian regime. Jabili is the second commander to be killed in Syria after Amer Eid Abdullah who was killed in Barza, since its foundation in 2012.

Militias of Arab National Guards was founded in the 2012, its members spread in different areas of Syria, consist of four battalions: Martyr Mohammed al-Barahimi battalion, martyr Wadea Haddad battalion, martyr Haidar al-Amili battalion, and martyr Jol Jammal battalion. All these battalions are led by the general leadership of haj Zo al-Fiqar al-Amili in southern of Lebanon.

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