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Syrian tribesmen to form army to liberate their areas eastern Syrian

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The Army of Tribes has come to light again at the sixth anniversary of the Syria revolution as part of the meeting included many figures in Turkey this week to discuss activating it.

The Spokesman of the Higher Council of Syrian Tribes, Modar al-Asaad has told Zaman al-Wasl that about 300 figures have Tuesday at the sixth anniversary of the eruption of the Syrian revolution, held a meeting in the Turkish city of Urfa to discuss ways to activate the army of tribes.

The spokesman detailed that Sheiks of tribes and clans, prominent figures, political and revolutionary leaders, defected officers, and Dr. Jawad Abo Hatab, the Interim Prime Minister, had attended the meeting.

Al-Asaad added that attendees aimed for the meeting to work on activation of the Army of Syrian clans, as a few battalion of the tribes are part of the Euphrates Anger operation, to work on liberating the provinces of Raqqa , Hasaka, Deir Ezzor and Menbij by fighter belong only to the area.

The second aim of the meeting was to form a Civil Administration for the future areas in concord with other political, military, economical, social and religious forces in the liberated areas.

The meeting aimed to delegitimize the Syrian regime, the Islamic State (ISIS), Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and other forces affiliate to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) which claim cooperating with Syrian tribes in areas controlled by them.

The Spokesman mentioned that a general conference for Syrian tribes and clans in near future in Turkey.

In the final statement of the conference, attendees highlighted that the International community, especially the United States of America are not aware and under estimate the power and effects of the Syrian tribes and clans in liberating the region of Jazeera and Euphrates from the Islamic State, Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian regime.

The statement mentioned that USA in their support to the Democratic Union Party, they support another copy of the Islamic State “Yellow ISIS”, as PYD had practiced the same policy against civilians in to after controlling their area by displacing people of more than 50 villages in areas of Tal Barak, Tal Hamis, southern of al-Rad, Jabal Abdul-Aziz, Aghibish, and Tal Tamer. While ISIS had displaced people of Shaetat, Khabour, Shahil and al-Hariji in Deir Ezzor in similar strategy of PYD.

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