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Islam Army joins Failaq al-Rahman in Damascus attack: commander

(Zaman al-Wasl)- Syrian activists criticized the absence of Jaish al-Islam, key rebel unit in Eastern Ghouta, from the ongoing battles east of the capital.

The powerful Islam Army is considered the largest military force of the Syrian resistance in the countryside of Damascus and the largest ruler on the Eastern Ghouta near the capital.

Hamza Birakdar, the spokesman for the Islam Army told Zaman al-Wasl that the army had began to back up Failaq al-Rahman in the clashes near Qabun distrcit, stressing that Islam Army has mobilized its forces join the battle in Jobar neighborhood.

Birakdar denied that Jaish al-Islam has had information that the battle will take place, pointing out that if his group had information, it would have participated since the snake head is in the capital referring to Bashar al-Assad. He stressed that these battles were able to disperse of the forces of the regime few hours after the announcement of the start of the battle.

The battle of "O slaves of Allah stay strong" is very clandestine and the main objective of it is the lifting of the siege of Qabun but the military leaders in the Syrian resistance vows great surprises to the battle mechanisms and course.

For his part, the leader of the Corps of the Rahman first lieutenant Hamzah Qiziz told Zaman al-Wasl the Syrian resistance recaptured all points during the second phase of the battle in Damascus including Abbasid garage.

Qiziz pointed out that the preparations for the battle took six months because of the preparations of the tunnels, ammunition and logistical supplies, which are difficult to secure because of the siege imposed on al-Ghouta four years ago.

According to the leader of the Failaq al-Rahman, the announcement of the start of the battle came after the preparations were complete. In addition, it coincides with the anniversary of the revolution. he denied that announcing the battle is sending a message to international community, but only to stress that the revolution will continue to to the last drop of blood, and "revolution does not die."

Activists said that the second phase of the battle started on Tuesday, pointing to the progress of the resistance factions on a number of axes in Gobar and Qabun in order to complete the link between the two neighborhoods and the lifting of the siege on the latter.

"The rebels in the neighborhood are working on three axes in order to lift the siege on the neighborhood," said activist Mohammed Abu Hamza from Qabun neighborhood. He said that the road between Jubar and Qabun was observed by fighters of the Syrian resistance, where there are only a few points left to the forces of the regime, considering that recapturing rest of points is only a matter of time.

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