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Arms prices decrease more than half in northern Syria

Business | 2017-03-27 20:43:52
Arms prices decrease more than half in northern Syria

(Eqtsad)- Arms prices in opposition-controlled areas in northern Syria have fallen to less than half because of the cessation of fighting on various fronts, and the entry of several faction leaders into the trade line.

Mahmoud Abu Mohammed (arms dealer) spoke to Eqtsad about the issue and he attributed the decline in arms prices to several factors most notably the lack of battles with the regime, where the factions resorted to arms trade to compensate for their shortcomings in the battles. In addition is the entry of several faction leaders on the line of that trade, which contributed to raising the supply, and the lack of demand, and thus led to lower prices.

The trader compares the prices of weapons in the past and today, he finds them that they fell more than half. He said, "the price of the Russian shot in the past was 1$, but today it does not exceed 10 Cent, and the shot of 23 was $ 10, but today the price in the market is a dollar and a half as well as Dushka, which was priced $ 24 thousand, but today does not exceed 8 thousand Dollars."

Leader in the Army of Islam in the north of Syria said to Eqtsad the biggest winner out of the arms trade in the north of Syria is ISIS through the smuggling of weapons through fuel tanks, as well as the system that provides sleeping cells with funds to buy weapons from traders. Also, Kurdish fighters benefited a lot by smuggling weapons to them from several areas adjacent to their places of influence.

"The first seeds of this trade began in the simple form, since the beginning of the battles against the forces of the Syrian regime, on various Syrian areas, when the so-called" looting "of the regime camps began when a Syrian in a faction presents the looted shots to potential buyers and then he sells the looted weapons to them. Later, leaders in opposition factions got involved in the trade. Arms dealing is promoted through social media sites without shame. Eqtsad observed the prices of the arms market in the north of Syria, through several traders, and through the pages of social networking sites, to come with the following list of prices:

Dushka (delivery board): between 6000 to 8000 dollars
bomber: $ 500
Sniper Draganov: $ 2000
Russian gun: 600 to 200 dollars
A 14 and a half machine gun with Pickaba: $ 65,000
Machine gun 23 with Pickabah: $ 70000
The T72 tank, confined among the adult princes is approximately $ 350,000
Tandem shields: 200 to 170 dollars
Grad rocket, range 20 Clio: $ 500


Russian shot, and 14.5: 60-75 SP
Machine gun: $ 23 and 60 cents.
The bomb: $ 10
Mortar shell (by type, cannon caliber): 40 to 120 dollars
RPG charge: $ 60
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