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Assad army deploys troops near the borderline with Jordan, Iraq

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian regime has deployed troops in the Syrian desert along the borderline with Iraq and Jordan due to a Russian demand as fears mount from a Western-backed attack by armed opposition, source said Sunday.

The mobilising came as the U.S.-backed forces of Usoud al-Sharqiya and Ahmed al-Abdo Battalions build up power, getting more weapons and training what set the alarm bells in Damascus.

The deployed troops operate in the Third, Fourth, Fifth and 15th divisions.
The regime President Bashar al-Assad said on April 22 that his country had information that Jordan is planning to send its troops into southern Syria in cooperation with the United States, accordng to Russian state-owned Sputnik.

“We have this information, not only from mass media, but from different sources,” Al-Assad told Sputnik, who interviewed him earlier this week. “You know that we have the same tribes and same families on both sides of the borders,” he told Sputnik’s reporter.

He also said that Amman “had been always part of the American plan” against Syria, claiming that Jordan is not an independent state, but instead carries out the plans imposed on it by the United States.

Mass media previously reported political sources in Amman speaking about Jordanian-American-British operations to be launched against terrorist organisations operating near the northern Jordanian borders with Syria.

The operation that Al-Assad expects comes after monitoring repeated movements of ISIS in areas about 20 kilometres from the Al-Raqban area on the Jordanian borders.(With Middle East Monitor)


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