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Lebanese army: when 'foe' is a refugee

Local | 2017-06-30 23:39:56
Lebanese army: when 'foe' is a refugee
   Amputated hand for Syrian refugee after lebanon's army stormed refugee camps in Arsal on Friday, 30 June 2017
(Zaman Al Wasl)- This amputated hand is that of a refugee who used to live in al-Nour camp in the Lebanese town of Arsal. It was found thrown on a mat on Friday.

The hand is a sign and reminder of the Lebanese Majqul Company’s raid on the camp in search of those they call terrorists but really spreading terror and death on those the refugees they encountered.

The hand stands as proof of the types of shells and bombs the Lebanese forces used to target Syrian refugees’ tents with. Most of those tents are now ash in what the Lebanese Army referred to as the “Destroying the Beds” operation. 

While the hand was left behind in the camp, the body is still being held as the Lebanese forces draw up an accusation for the man whereby he becomes an Islamic State prince (Amir Daesh) or a commander in al-Nusra Front or a suicide bomber or takfiri saboteur.

They will choose a thousand titles for him to paint with the blood of innocent people a fake victory against terror.

But they will inevitably neglect the fact that a Syrian refugee living in tent no. 5 in the al-Nour refugee camp in the town of Arsal was killed by shrapnel from their bombs and shells which are directed by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.
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