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Syrian women join police in rebel-held Aleppo

Local | 2017-07-27 08:08:12
Syrian women join police in rebel-held Aleppo
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Police chief in rebel-held Aleppo confirmed the start of the training of women cadres police to deal with women and methods of inspection and all that is related to women commensurate with the values and customs of society.

Brigadier Adeeb al-Shalaf told Zaman al-Wasl that the aim of this step is to provide a cadre of women to contribute to the performance of the tasks of the civilian police and to meet the necessities of the presence of the female component in many cases when women are arrested for multiple crimes and their custody and submission to the judiciary. 

He added that women have legal and legitimate rights, and no matter what the crime they committed, no one (man) should search her while she is under trial or detention. The step is made to o prevent these embarrassments, and answering the demands of women's rights in addition to being a legitimate requirement and securing jobs and a source of livelihood for dozens of families that no longer have a breadwinner.

Al-Shalaf pointed out that the Aleppo Free Police implemented the idea for this project before Aleppo was recaptured by the regime, and then established a gathering of women police in the police headquarters and in many rural centers that have detention centers. But this experiment was not successful for reasons that cannot be mentioned, he said.

He continued, "the leadership of the free police decided after the change of circumstances to re-apply the experiment, and was - he says - the selection of women with university degree to follow the training of female police officers where they will train police officers and police branches in the countryside to care for detainees and deal with them without embarrassment.

"The experience of introducing the female component of the Aleppo Free Police is an adventure. There are also known factions that are extreme about women working and therefore the experience was implemented quietly to prevent any sensitivities or problems," he said.

He explained that the conditions of acceptance of female members of the police were previously limited to proficiency in writing and reading, but now it became necessary to be associated with school certificate and to enjoy the physical fitness suitable for police work. Preferably - he says – it is better the applicant is a wife or A sister or mother of a martyr to be accepted in the community, and be able to take care of her children orphans of her monthly salary, noting that "among the members of the Aleppo Free Police is now a policeman whose three of her children and her husband died because of the war.

Brigadier General Al-Shlaf confirmed that there are more than 20 police officers in Aleppo Free Police distributed in the western and southern districts of Dara Azza, al-Qasimiya, al-Atareb, Urm, Sheikh Ali, Abyan Semaan and other towns and all the centers of the liberated countryside will be covered by the female component after when the circumstances are right.

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