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Kurdish PYD pressure Arab locals to participate in federal elections

Local | 2017-09-04 19:27:12
Kurdish PYD pressure Arab locals to participate in federal elections

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Local sources reported that Democratic Union Party (PYD) officials have threatened local populations in areas under its control in the past few days, it will prevent the families from receiving international aid and services and to be denied residence in their areas of control in Hasakah in the event of repeated boycotts of elections planned for the near future, noting that the chances of confrontation with the regime's forces are not excluded.

The sources confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl that (PYD) tried to improve its image among the Arabs in its areas of control like Ras al-Ayn, Jabal Abdul Aziz, Tal Tamr and other areas through meetings with owners of houses and land where (PYD) announced it was considering possibility of returning property to their owners and allowing them to return to their neighborhoods and villages in an attempt to garner support for elections at the level of district and municipal councils and the People's Assembly.

The sources said that party officials held numerous meetings with the members of the old "Komins" (local councils of its own management interfered with the most accurate details of people's lives) talked about activating these councils further after the upcoming elections for which an electoral card was issued, noting that a person boycott of the three elections namely Komins, municipal, and people’s may end up in expelling him/her from PYD-controlled areas. Or at least whoever boycott the elections might be deprived of services and access to bread, water, fuel and even the assistance of the United Nations, considering that it is the "komins" or the councils that control the distribution of all these materials, including UN assistance.

Attacks against tribal figures loyal to the Assad regime, as well as those of Assad government have escalated. Also, a confrontation with regime forces is not excluded in light of the federal elections promoted by party officials through these meetings, stressing that everything is possible but the situation will not return to what it was before 2011, according to the local sources.

Sources pointed out that the party in the context of attacking loyal tribal figures where it allocated a full meeting at the end of last month to insult the elder of the tribe Bakara returning to the ranks of the Assad regime, Nawaf al-Bashir and forced some of the region's dignitaries to disown him after the circulation of activists on social networking sites false pamphlet attacking Kurds in general, recalling the events of Qamishli 2004.

On Sunday, a tribal leader and a member of the People's Assembly, Alaa al-Riziku was arrested on his way to his home in Ras al-Ayn from Qamishli and he was released shortly. This is after 3 days from the kidnapping of the gunmen of the party Mohammed al-Khalaf," the son of the sheikh of the tribe Albu Mohammed belonging to the tribe, Sharabin in the village of Tal al-Wardarea in Abu Rasin north of Hasaka, according to the same sources.

The Office of Relations in the Canton of al-Jazira held a meeting in late August attended by dozens of men and dignitaries from al-Adwan Tribe - the largest tribe affected by (PYD) in the region in Ras al-Ayn and the presence of Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilou who also returned to the ranks of the Assad regime . The meeting dealt with the subject of the upcoming elections for the Komins and the Federal Councils and to listen to the demands of the people of the region, which focused on allowing them to return to their homes.
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